Hey, welcome to Talkappella!

Originally started in May 2016 by John Lampus, Talkappella is a weekly a cappella podcast hosted by Brian Alexander and Elicia Edwards. Our goal is to serve as the podcast for the a cappella community – shining a light on the everyday ups, downs, and awkward in-betweens of everything a cappella. Whether we’re talking with a professional touring group or someone who simply likes to enjoy a cappella from the audience, everyone has a story, perspective, or piece of wisdom to share.

As a member of the Acaville Radio Podcast Network, we are committed to seeking out diverse, charismatic voices to share with the a cappella world with the goal of creating a more informed, well-rounded, and kind community. Join John and Brian each week as they dive deep into the a cappella world, converse with guests, and simply enjoy this art form we all love so much.

New episodes are up every Wednesday on iTunes or check us out on Acaville Radio Tuesday at 5PM PST to listen a day early.

Interested in being a guest on Talkappella? Send us an e-mail at talkappella@acaville.org.